Flyer + Radio Ad Increased Web Traffic

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in San Diego has an active environmental group and every year they set up a booth at Earth Fair. However, if you visited the booth, there was no mention of the group’s connection to the church or why they were present at the event. They also had no way to formally invite people to visit the church.

After working with the leadership of the environmental group, I created an oversized card that could be handed out at the booth. On the card, I highlighted some ways that people in our community expressed their faith while taking care of the environment. I also listed some things the church did to lower its environmental impact. My goal was to reach people who might be curious about visiting a church that prioritizes protecting the environment. At the same time, I ran an ad on our local public radio station about classes we were offering about the intersection of faith and protecting the environment.

The church’s web traffic more than tripled over a period of two weeks, and we had a number of newcomers tell us they had visited the church because they saw us at Earth Fair or heard the ad or on the radio.