Press Releases Got National Press

I was working as a copywriter for a PR firm that needed someone who could produce a about 10 releases a month for IDW Publishing, which is a graphic novel and comic book publishing company. They asked me to do it because they knew I could approach each release with a unique spin and creativity.

It was an interesting challenge because I knew little about graphic novels and comic books, yet I needed to write like I was an expert. After all, I was writing about properties that people felt really connected to (some examples include The Transformers and Little Orphan Annie). For each release, I figured out the news hook by interviewing the publishers and doing research about the history of the product. In addition, I looked for what was unique and interesting about the product or news.

For every press release I wrote, we got press mentions, often in multiple places. Over a period of a year, we got mentions in over 70 media targets, blogs, magazines, TV shows, including in Newsweek,, and