Earth Fair Flyer

St. Paul’s has an active environmental group at the church and every year we set up a booth at Earth Fair. However,there was little to no connection to the church and why we were present at the event. And there was no invitation to visit the church. After working with the leadership of the environmental group, I created messaging for the booth, as well as a flyer. My goal was to reach people who might be looking for a faith home that holds the same value of protecting the earth. At the same time, I ran an ad on our local public radio station about environmental classes we also had going on at the church.


Our web traffic more than tripled over a period of two weeks, and we had a number of newcomers tell us they had visited the church because they saw us at Earth Fair or heard the ad or on the radio.

Direct Mail Series

I wrote dozens of stories for Scholastic Inc., both for their online news site and for magazines that went to classrooms. This story was one I wrote for Scholastic Scope, which has a goal of providing non-fiction stories that will fascinate, inspire, and challenge students.

After an editor at Scholastic interviewed Whoopi Goldberg, I was given the transcript. It was then my job to gather interesting tidbits that would demonstrate how Whoopi Goldberg had overcome difficult times, and to write it into a story and sidebar with a separate focus that would get children thinking.

The biggest challenge when writing for children is that it takes great skill to say a lot in very few words. You continually need to cut down the words without cutting down the content–a practice that made me a better writer overall.  

Advertising Series

I created the messaging and creative direction for an ad series, which ran over a period of six months in two community newspapers. I hired and managed a graphic designer to help create a template design. I also posted them on Facebook, where they took on a life of their own as they were liked, loved, commented on, and shared; ultimately they reached thousands of people organically.