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Your words can be a powerful sales tool. Which is why Zazou Marketing’s writing, editing and proofreading services deliver the words that sell your products or services. Our expertise? Creative, results-driven copy; a versatile writing style; and an easily adaptable tone. So, whatever your needs, whoever your audience, we craft words to sell your service or product.

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Marketing Writer


How a Marketing Writer Can Help You

Marketing writers, often called copywriters, are writers who create words to sell a product or service. Marketing writers may be hired to write copy for almost any product, service, idea or event. He or she may work with advertising agencies, public relations agencies, magazines, corporations, small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

Once hired, the marketing writer is responsible for developing creative ways to say what the client needs to communicate. Because of this, it is critical that the marketing writer is tuned into the client's needs and can clearly convey that in words.

Whether for an organization or an agency, marketing writers are responsible for materials such as press releases, advertisements, articles, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, sales letters and white papers. Often, organizations need marketing writers also to write speeches, talking points for the sales staff and scripts for audiovisual materials.

In all cases, the marketing writer usually begins a project by learning about the concept and scope of the assignment. The marketing writer will then do research on the product or service, followed by research about the competition. In all of this, the goal is to discover what is unique about the product or service—which will be emphasized in order to persuade people to purchase the item. In addition, the marketing writer will learn about the audience—who the marketing material or advertisement is written for—so that it is targeted to that person both in message and tone.

A marketing writer also needs to determine what the right “voice” of the marketing material or advertisement needs to be. In the case of a brochure, website or advertisement, the voice needs to reflect the culture of the company. In the case of materials for an individual, such as a speech, it needs to be in the voice of the person delivering it.

With research done and a unique angle determined, the marketing writer needs then to find a way to write it in an interesting engaging manner, while being concise and persuasive. Of course the marketing writer must also have an excellent understanding of how to present information so that it flows easily and thoughts have a logical progression. 

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