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Your words can be a powerful sales tool. Which is why Zazou Marketing’s writing, editing and proofreading services deliver the words that sell your products or services. Our expertise? Creative, results-driven copy; a versatile writing style; and an easily adaptable tone. So, whatever your needs, whoever your audience, we craft words to sell your service or product.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Business Writing

With business writing, you have to express a specific message correctly the very first time. You cannot take a chance that your words can be interpreted differently by different people. And, unlike when you are talking, you do not have the luxury of restating your thoughts if you begin to sense that people don't understand you. Instead, you have one, and only one, chance to communicate your message.

Despite the one-chance rule, few people give business writing its due. People forget that it is the daily communication—often written—that makes a long-term difference in companies. But, what exactly is business writing? It encompasses both marketing communications, such as sales letters, newsletters, memos, articles, white papers and presentations, and non-marketing communications, such as emails and interoffice memos. Through all of these communications, your company’s message is conveyed on a daily basis. And these written communications are essential to your company's long-term success. But, for written messages to achieve their goals, they must be read.

So, how do you ensure that your documents are actually read? The first thing to keep in mind with business writing is who your audience is. No matter what you are writing, whether an email to a vendor or a newsletter to potential clients, it is important to understand your audience and tailor the language and content so that it is relevant to your readers. This means making sure that you write from your reader’s point of view, rather than your own. Otherwise, you are at risk of using use insider’s language that the reader doesn't understand. Worse, you simply risk losing the reader’s interest.

Also essential to getting your message read and understood is determining the scope of the message, including why you’re writing the document and what you hope to achieve. Of course, once this is determined, this goal needs to remain central to the writing.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to business writing is style. This takes us beyond simply making sure that there are no errors. In addition to being grammatically correct, business writing needs to be straightforward, succinct and readable, while also using familiar language. To help the business writing flow, thoughts need to be presented in a logical order.

Getting the right tone is also essential to business writing. The overall tone of your message conveys your attitude towards both the message's subject matter and the reader. In general, your business writing tone needs to sound confident, polite and genuine. But, beyond that, there are many different tones to business writing—just as the tone of your voice changes according to who you're talking to and what you're discussing. For example, you may want your newsletter's tone to be more relaxed and friendly, while your sales letter could be gracious and motivating.

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